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"60 Minutes" investigates high-frequency trading. "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft revealed Sunday night how a few stock market insiders are making billions in high-frequency trading. Kroft spoke with Michael Lewis, the author of "Flash Boys," about how insiders are raising the costs of stocks for ordinary investors.

Posted on Friday, April 4th 2014


The States Definition of Recovery:   (noun) A political term that indicates a reduction of the Unemplyment stats to levels lower than the national average because people have given up looking for work, and other dirty data.

Posted on Friday, March 28th 2014


When we look at the countries in the West that have the highest standard of living, we find that they have a commonality that the U.S. does not.  They have a common history, oftentimes ethnic background, religion, language and values.  The U.S. had all of these things once upon a time, in the beginning, but somewhere around the beginning of the industrialization of this nation, we lost that cohesiveness and now the only thing that binds Americans together is money or the opportunity to have,make, possess more, and more money.  In recent years, we have seen how this one interest has proved disasterous.   The Statue of Liberty is inscribed with the noble words of:
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”
What this fails to say:  
"So that a cheap source of labor will be available
to work in sweatshops, unsafe factories
in order to drive the economic engine that creates
a small, empowered wealthy class,
while the rest of us remain as the enslaved wretched refuse.”
And why is it impossible to raise the rabble against substandard education, health system,housing, and disparity of wealth?  We cannot communicate with one another, English ostensibly the language of this country, does not bind us together.  Nor does values of religion, ethnicity, cultural or anything that has some semblance of cohesiveness exist. And don’t talk about freedom when freedom is threatened everyday individually and collectively by the same forces that wield all the power in Washington,D.C.  In promoting diversity through immigration, and I caution you this was not out of any sense of fair play, but was created solely for economic reasons by the privileged, we have lost our awareness as a people.  Who is an American, what do they stand for, what are their values? Why are they incapable of overthrowing a corrupted, small elite that has no sense of the general welfare or the common good?

Mongrels can make a wonderful pet, but they always remain on a leash by the Man.  Woof!

Op-Ed by Reformed Liberal 

Posted on Tuesday, March 25th 2014

Putin’ Out Fires: Another Sign Of A Failed Presidency

A continued weak economy, disgruntled electorate, on-going flat-footed foreign policy, and now Putin flexes his muscles in the Ukraine. All these indicators suggest that President Obama is reaping in his second term the mistakes sowed from his first four years in office, creating misdirection and a void in leadership.  Obama’s inexperience and inattention has provided the perfect opportunity for Vladimir Putin to strut and regain the advantage on the world stage as a real player.  Let’s makes it abundantly clear, Putin would love to rule over all the Russias and regain a large chunk, if not all, of the former U.S.S.R.  This is just the first salvo in doing that, even his cooperation in providing intelligence to the U.S. on Chechnyan terrorists, benefits his attempt to rid that region o f dissidents. The testing of U.S. resolve as an influential leader in our hemisphere  by the docking of a Russian warship in Cuba (reminiscent the intervention by the U.S.S.R. in 1962), goes unanswered.  Plus let us not forget the Putin spin, portrayal, and support of  Assad of Syria as a bulwark against  fundamental jihadists/terrorists, a political nightmare for the U.S. and a humanitarian catastrophe borne out of a failure to act quickly and decisively.  And now President Putin has the backing of China, who obviously see Putin gaining strength and influence, perhaps hoping that Russia will back its’ play against Japan for the Senkaku Islands.

In the 21st century, the U.S. needs to develop a new vision in foreign affairs that not only recognizes emerging nations, but is more comprehensive than putting out individual diplomatic fires.  Time and strategy must be given to developing an international policy that meets the U.S. role and goals of this new century.  Our philosophy need not embrace the lofty ideal of “pay any price” in the name of peace and freedom, but it should not ignore and sink into isolation either.  Nonetheless, we urgently need to define our goals internationally that reflect  both our interests and our democratic values and that requires a well thought out doctrine or we will continuously be caught flat-footed as we were in the Arab Spring, or going from one crisis to the next as we are now. 

But As For Me..

.At the beginning of his presidency, Obama pushed the Reset Button on foreign affairs and relations with Russia and others; however, he forgot to note that the button was still colored RED.

Op-Ed by Reformed Liberal

Posted on Tuesday, March 4th 2014


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